#1 Day with Veestro

Omelet Primavera

Ingredients: vegan egg, yellow corn*, zucchini squash*, yellow squash*, potatoes*, mushrooms, carrots*, spinach*, olive oil*, cumin*, salt, black pepper*

* Organic Ingredients

Prep time:

Oven – 17-20 minutes
Microwave – 2-3 minutes

Calories: 160

Today’s breakfast wasn’t the most delicious meal I’ve had so far. The vegan egg didn’t taste that good and the texture was really weird. The filling was really good, combination of mushrooms, carrots and spinach tasted really good.

I think I left it for too long in the oven and the egg became a bit crispy.

I don’t think I will order this meal again.

Rating: 2/5

Kale & Quinoa Salad

Ingredients: Tempeh, carrots*, broccoli*, kale*, dried cranberries, quinoa*, tamari*, olive oil*, nutritional yeast, garlic powder*, onion powder*, vegetable stock*

Tahini dressing: Tahini, water, lemon juice*, tamari*, maple syrup*, olive oil*, garlic*, salt.

*Organic Ingredients

Prep time: defrost overnight

Calories: Salad – 260 + Dressing 120

I love the combination of tempeh, dried cranberries and kale and the tahini dressing is a perfect complement to that meal. The portion is quiet big so don’t worry, you won’t be hungry! I like having light meals for lunch, so I don’t feel too heavy and sleepy at work and this meal makes a perfect lunch idea!

Rating: 4/5

Red Curry with Tofu

Ingredients: Brown rice*, Coconut milk, red curry paste, broccoli*, carrots*, tofu*, shallots*, brown sugar*, grape seed oil, cumin*, coriander seeds*, paprika*, ginger*, sesame oil*, sea salt, garlic*, cayenne pepper.

*Organic Ingredients

Prep Time:
Oven – 18-20 minutes
Microwave – 4-6 minutes

Calories: 410

This dinner a perfection to me! It’s creamy and so coconuty! I love anything that’s with coconut so it’s not a surprise I enjoyed that dinner so much. It’s not spicy at all (it could be a bit more, for my taste), if you worry about that.

Rating: 5/5

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