Welcome to the second week of #RawTuesday! I wonder if you can see the difference between the day when you eat raw and the rest of the days?

I certainly can!

I feel much lighter on the days I eat raw for the whole day. To be honest I was freaking out at the begging how am I going to that?! My brain was screaming: “You will starve!”. Guess what, I didn’t.

It is astonishing how your brain plays tricks on you. It tells you cannot do something, and you believe it until you tell him to shut up and try it.

For this week’s #RawTuesday I prepared smoothie, Fruit Bowl with Chocolate Sauce, Orange Blossom & Pistachio Cake and Raw Lasagne.

In smoothie we have: orange, spinach and banana.

Lunch this week was sweet! (literally). Fruit bowl with homemade chocolate sauce.
For chocolate sauce you will need as little as 3 ingredients. Dark Cacao, plant milk (I used leftover coconut milk) and maple syrup. Blend all together and drizzle your fruits!

You can see how delicious it was, even Charlie wanted to try some!

For dinner I served creamy and tasteful Raw Lasagne.

For dessert or snack (your choice) I made this really unique flavored Orange Blossom & Pistachio Cake.

If you try any of this recipes, let me know! Take a picture and tag it #theblissfulplate on Instagram!

If you are participating in Raw Tuesday don’t forget to tag #rawtuesday or #surowywtorek and share you awesome food creations!

#RawTuesday Meal Plans
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Get 2 #RawTuesday and grocery list for week 2!

SurowyWtorekT2 meal plan do sciagniecia, wraz z lista zakupow na tydzien drugi!

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