6 #RawTuesday

I am especially proud of this week’s Raw Tuesday. It was so easy for me to skip it – long weekend, we just came back from our trip to Santa Monica – it was so easy to say “let’s just skip this week”, but I didn’t.

Instead, I did all the groceries and started preparing everything right after we came back home.

I didn’t make anything fancy, just simple and quick (if you don’t have to take dozens of pictures) meal prep.

That’s the beauty in eating raw, you don’t need hours in the kitchen to prepare meals. Everything is simple and takes no longer than an hour. You will soon discover that you spend the most time on cutting veggies and fruits.

You can make it even simpler than I do but eating even more fruits and salads, which are the easiest and fastest to make. It’s all up to you, whatever works for you. I personally love to experiment with food, try new recipes and new foods, but also need to keep myself interested – meaning I get bored easily. That’s why eating the same meals everyday would not work me, it might change one day. For now it is a new way of eating and I feel excited to try all those new recipes I’ve never thought I will try.

Raw Pad Thai

1 zucchini
2 carrots
1/4 cup cashews
2 tbsp peanut butter
2 tbsp soy sauce

Make noodles out of zucchini and carrot. Blend together soy sauce and peanut butter. Mix the noodles with sauce and garnish with chopped cashews.

I like to start the day with something light, feeling and quick. I usually don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast, that’s my breakfast has to be to-go.

Jar breakfast seems (so far) to be the best option for me. After morning workout and shower I throw the jar in my purse and get on the road. Thanks to the morning traffic eating in a car is not challenging at all. You know, red lights, slow traffic, bumper to bumper – gives you enough time to finish it right on time.

For two jars I used:
2 tbsp chia seeds
0.5 cup plant milk
1 cup strawberries (blend them to make sauce)

Mix chia seeds with milk and leave overnight. Pour the strawberry sauce over the chia pudding and use favorite fruits as toppings.

Raw Bar

1 cup raw almonds
3/4 cup dried blueberries
3/4 cup pitted dates

Raw Bowl

Do you also like colorful food? I definitely do! And purple is one of my favorite colors.

1 small purple cabbage
1 medium-sized carrot
1 medium-sized red bell pepper
1 avocado
1 cucumber
1 tomato
1/4 cup walnuts

Cut the carrot, red bell pepper, avocado and cumber and toss into the purple cabbage bowl. For the sauce blend the walnuts and tomato.

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