7 #RawTuesday

Raw Vegan Meal Prep Number 7! Can you believe it’s been seven weeks already!

I have to say it’s been quiet challenging and rough seven weeks, but I am so happy I started this journey. And even though it’s not always easy and sometimes I fail I will continue to follow this path.

I know that it will get easier and I know that it’s just a matter of time. Nothing comes overnight. You can’t expect to quit all your habits in one day, it takes time. If you want to make that change permanent take your time, if you will rash into something you are not ready for you most likely won’t stick to it and eventually you will go back to what you did before. You have to be patient.

I finally got a slow juicer! So of course we have to have a juice for this week’s Raw Tuesday. Refreshing and sweet watermelon juice! I used only watermelon (whole watermelon, yes with the skin!), melons should be consumed alone, they should not be mixed with other fruits, because they digest quickly.

To be honest I was sure this sushi won’t taste too good, I am not a big fan of raw cauliflower.

I was surprised how similar this sushi was to a regular sushi, you can’t really taste the cauliflower.

You will need cauliflower, nori sheets and your favorite veggies to fill the sushi in. Grate the cauliflower florets into a size of rice (here you can find more specific instructions). Place one nori sheet on a bamboo roller, top it with cauliflower rice and your veggies, and roll.

The start of the day – my very first nice cream with new Vitamix! I still have to work on the consistency but look at this color! I probably took a picture from every angle but can you blame me?

Are you curious what’s inside?

It’s just frozen dragon fruit and banana!

I used one pack of frozen dragon fruit and two bananas and blend it all together.

For dinner I made simple in preparation yet complex in nutrition salad. Toss in your favorite greens and toppings. I used spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onion, bean sprouts and broccoli sprouts, all of it drizzled with beet dressing.

For beet dressing I used one really ripe chopped beet (it was quiet soft), juice from one lemon, 1/2 cup water (you can add more or less water, depending on how thick you want the dressing to be).

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