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Today’s Raw Vegan Meal Plan 💚💚


Juices are still my favorite breakfast/snack/you name it option!

I can feel the nutritions filling my cells and hydrating my body. During my raw days I usually drink one juice (around 32oz) for breakfast and smaller jar as a snack in the evening.


Me and papaya are in kind of hate/love relationship. I wish I could say it’s my favorite fruit and I can eat day and night. Unfortunetly that’s not a case. I can eat it and it’s just ok. I know that there were lots of fruits/veggies I haven’t liked/ate sometime ago and suddenly they started tasting differently to me and became one of my favorites. So I am still trying with papaya and giving it a chance!


Oh boy those cherry tomatoes! The sweetest tomatoes I’ve ever eaten! I got them at my local Farmers Market and they are absolutely delicious.

This Rainbow Salad was inspired by FullyRawKristina’s salad recipe. With small changes it came up sooo good!


And dessert (in my case before dinner, because why not? – remember to wait, before next meal, at least 30 minutes after eating fruits) – simple and delicious mango & strawberries.

If you try any of these recipes, let me know! Take a picture and tag it #theblissfulplate on Instagram!

If you are participating in Raw Tuesday don’t forget to tag #rawtuesday or #surowywtorek and share your awesome food creations!

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