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80 DAY OBSESSION – week four!

It’s week three and I feel great! I try to follow the nutrition but I do sometimes eat things that are not on the meal plan 😉 I’m cutting myself a bit of slack with this. I don’t top think either I do it in 100% or not at all. But instead, I try to find balance in this process. Because it’s about being better than you were yesterday not being perfect.

This week I treat myself with a pedicure!

Some of my meals this week:


Green Juice with nut squares and banana

Shrimp salad

Yogurt with mango jam

Vegetable Chili / Lentil Soup / Veggie Burger with veggies & sweet potato

In this week’s meals, I used green lentil elbows pasta which is rich in protein and has only one ingredient!

This week we went out to Bida Manda – Laotian restaurant if you are interested in more details check out this post.

The next day I finished leftovers. I had a bit of Crispy Rice Lettuce Wraps, I made shrimps with it for proteins and it tasted delish!

You can download a blank planner to use it for your food ideas or you can download the ready one that I created for myself.
Of course, the number of your containers might be different, depending on the plan you follow.

I hoped I gave you inspiration for healthy and yummy meals that you can eat while doing the 80-day obsession program but not only!

Let me know what do you think about the meal plans 🙂


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