What I ate

80 DAY OBSESSION – week one!

This week went by so quickly!

I am happy to say that I finished my first week of 80-day obsession program!

Here are some of the foods I had this week:

Cottage cheese or yogurt, with fruits, peanut butter, and chia seeds, I also added a bit of maple syrup to make it a bit sweeter. Plus carrot which is not on the picture.

First picture: Roasted asparagus and sweet potato. Second picture: Quiona, kale, and beets.

Oven baked salmon with cauliflower, and of course water 🙂

Banana, protein powder and almond milk.

Two different combinations of the same meal. One with quinoa (I cooked way too much, and I had to make some changes in my meal plan to use it), and one with a baked potato.

Kale, Sweet Potato & Bean Soup from this recipe. I followed the recipe, just used containers to measure my ingredietns.

And as you can see I am not alone with my workouts 😉

Another yummy recipe which is coming really soon! Cauliflower Rice – this is truly one of my favorite meals. I usually use fresh cauliflower but the store I went didn’t have one that’s why I used this ready cauliflower rice.

This week we had a date night out, and we went to a restaurant for dinner. I was debating if we should go or not, but I realized it I can’t hide at home. I have to learn how to make smart choices outside. Which is much harder than at home, when you can get rid of all the foods that will tempt you. I don’t want to lose the joy of life and make myself miserable. That’s why what I am learning about is BALANCE. Balance in everything. My life as well as my diet.

You can download a blank planner to use it for your food ideas or you can download the ready one that I created for myself.
Of course, the number of your containers might be different, depending on the plan you follow.

I just want to tell you right away it is not perfect. I made some mistakes, but it’s a first time for working with this program. And also honestly I am not being too worried about it. For me, it’s not about being strict for 80 days and they move on and forget about everything. It’s about working on your habits 🙂

I hoped I gave you inspiration for healthy and yummy meals that you can eat while doing the 80-day obsession program but not only!

Let me know what do you think about the meal plans 🙂


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