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A Little More Obsessed Day 1-3

Hi guys!

I will be doing A Little More Obsessed program for the next 6 days and I will be sharing my food for those 6 days!

I am kind of starting from the end but oh well. I think this supposed to be done after 80-day obsession but I cannot start it right now as I’m leaving to Europe next Saturday for an almost whole month.

I am starting 80-day obsession on May 27th and this will be a practice 😉

Since I meal prep I will follow this meal plan for 3 days (Friday – Sunday) with small moderation on the weekend.

8am Meal 1

Caramelized Banana Pancakes


11am Meal 2

Cauliflower Rice with veggies

1pm Meal 3

Tofu Lettuce Wrap

For 3 servings:

• lettuce
• 2 1/4 cup tofu
• 2 cups zucchini
• 1 cup red bell pepper & cucumber
• 1 cup mushrooms
• 2 cups salsa
• 3 tbsp vegan ranch dressing

Scrumble tofu and add spices (I added taco seasoning). Fry tofu for a few minutes, add zucchini and mushrooms and fry until zucchini gets softer.

Divide all into 3 servings. I like to keep cold veggies and the once I will warm up separate so I keep them into separate containers.

You might want to try a different kind of lettuce, this one wasn’t the best choice. I wasn’t too crazy about how this meal tasted. It could be because the Cauliflower Rice was soo good 😉 but anyway I will try to get different lettuce and give it a try.

3pm Pre Workout Meal

Good Plants Lemon Meringue with strawberries.

I could eat it day and night, definitely my favorite dairy-free yogurt!

4 pm Workout

5.30pm Post Workout Meal

Protein Shake

6.30pm Meal 4

Cheese Sandwich & Veggies

8pm Meal 5

Pumpkin Muffin

That’s how my last few days looked like food wise. I modified it a bit for Saturday and Sunday, to be able to sleep a bit longer and do my workout in the morning so I can move on with my day.

Stay tuned for the recipes, they are coming soon!

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