Lunch at the Beach & First Time Playing Tennis

Today was quiet active and busy day. Started at 10am with Vet appointment for Charlie. I wish he would be as excited about getting mani&pedi as I am.. But not in his case, he was complaining for the whole trip to the Vet, and back.

After the appointment I made quick breakfast – Raw Granola with Almond Milk & Raspberries, so delicious!

Around noon we packed our picnic basket and we drove to the beach about 40 minutes away from us. It was such a gorgeous day!

To our picnic basket we packed:

– guacamole
– seed crackers
– salami (Jan has to eat his meat 😉
– champagne

We didn’t plan this picnic before therefore we didn’t prepare anything fancy to eat, we picked up everything on the way there.

The weather was just perfect for picnic. We spent an amazing and relaxing time on eating, talking, playing UNO and enjoying the weather.

Just listening to water, birds and people around is so relaxing and calming.

On the way back home we talked (I have no idea about what) but somehow we decided to try playing tennis. We stopped by Sports Basement and bought tennis equipment. After dropping off our picnic stuff we head out to the tennis court. We are lucky there is so many around us that you can use for free. In fact we have one just behind our building, unfortunetly it was taken, that’s why drove to another one and lucky enough it was free!

We ‘played’ for about one hour, and it was enough for me. I’ve never played tennis before and man I could feel my arm… It wasn’t anywhere close to an actual match but it was so much fun! I really enjoyed it and I think we actually might stick to that for a while. If you guys know any tricks how to learn to play tennis let me know!

We finished the day with cooking dinner and watching our current TV-show (Orange is the New Black). For dinner we made Jan’s favorite rice noodles with chicken and korean BBQ sauce and millet-chickpea balls with spinach and mushrooms for me.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

💌 P.

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