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Dinner at Bida Manda

This week we went for our dinner date we’ve tried Laotian food at Bida Manda.

Bida Manda is a thoughtful gathering place celebrating the diverse food traditions and culture of Laos.
Bida Manda is the Sanskrit ceremonial term for father and mother. We named the restaurant Bida Manda to honor our parents in Laos, who instilled in us our love of food and its power to bring people together.

We knew this place is usually busy and we didn’t want to wait too long for a table that’s why we decided to get a reservation. I had to change our original reservation and I wasn’t able to get anything later than 5.45 pm during the weekend. I mean there were slots for 9.30 pm but who wants to eat dinner that late? Definitely not me! It’s way too late for me, I would be starving by that time and I also don’t like to eat that late because I tend to go to bed early.

5.45pm sounded like a better option. The timing was actually great. I got to finish my workout and got quite hungry just in time for dinner!

We started with complimentary Shrimp Chips, YUMMY!

For an appetizer I ordered Crispy Lettuce Wrap – Hand-tossed crunchy coconut rice with fresh Blue Sky Farms herbs, toasted peanuts, eggs, and served with lettuce and our house-made caramelized sweet chili sauce.

It was delicious! I am so happy I got leftovers to take with me home.

For the main dish, I ordered Sweet Chili Salmon – Pan-seared 8oz salmon filet in our house-made caramelized sweet chili sauce, served with jasmine rice and lime vinaigrette herb salad.

I got mine without the rice but with extra veggies on a side.

And dessert.. I usually don’t have space for dessert or don’t find anything I like but this time I had space for something small and when they said macaroons I had to say YES!

Strawberry Cheesecake & Tiramisu Macaroon

Everything was delicious! I enjoyed eating all of the meals and I honestly cannot choose which one tasted the best.

The service was really professional and friendly!

If you are in the area you should definitely visit this place! but get the reservation if you don’t want to wait too long 😉

If you end up not getting a reservation, while you waiting for your table you can get drinks at Watts & Ward – an awesome bar that is on the same street.

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