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Eat the Rainbow!

Raw food diet provides nearly all the nutrients you need, this way of eating fosters balance and satisfaction.

Today few words about Full-Spectrum Eating, why is it important and why it’s so good for us.

How do I do that?

Simply choose your foods based on variety of color! The compounds that give fruits and veggies their color also infuse them with nutrients.


The possibilities are endless! You can make smoothies, juices, salads, steamed vegetables, whatever you like the most or whatever you feel like eating right now. Of course you don’t have to memorize this and make sure you always have all of the colors in every meal. Don’t stress about it! Just keep in mind while preparing your meals, add more colors to your dishes and have fun!

You can DOWNLOAD the list and keep it handy. I like to have it on my fridge, it helps me a lot!

Here is a recipe for a delcious Rainbow Salad!

Full-Spectrum Eating
Why do some people become lactose intolerant as they age?
– Raw Food for Dummies by Cherie Soria and Dan E.Laderman

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