Golden Gate Half Marathon

It finally happened – I ran my first half marathon.

It’s been a while since this has happened, to be exact almost 4 months. I’m not sure why I haven’t shared that experience here yet but not nothing lost!

So let’s maybe start from the begging.

I wanted to sing up for half marathon for a some time before I actually decided to do it. The reason why I waited and waited was of course my fear. That I won’t be able to do it. I won’t make it. How can I possibly run that far?! Other people yes, but not me.

I honestly don’t remember right now what made me decided to finally stop this thinking and sing up for one.

First months of my training were great. I was motivated and I enjoyed the training. The closer to my run the harder it was to stay motivate and follow the training plan. Going out for a run was like a punishment and I couldn’t wait to be done with this. I couldn’t wait to run this stupid half marathon and be done and don’t feel anymore like I have to do something.

I felt really down cause I knew I should be training but I didn’t feel like it. I was skipping my runs and not giving it a 100%.

I got really anxious when I figured out there is a time cut-off. I didn’t know that before. I didn’t know that I will have to finish in under 3h. I got soo scared! I was thinking that for sure I cannot do it, it’s impossible. At that point I’ve never run 13 miles so I didn’t know what my time could be, I based it on shorter runs and was freaking out that of course I will be slower on longer distance.

After weeks of being scared and constantly thinking about it I decided to message the organizations and ask how exactly will it look if I won’t finish in 3h. They told me that they have to open roads after the 3rd hour and if I’m close to the finish I will be able to continue running if not they will shuttle me closer to the finish line but I still be able to cross the finish line myself. I could breath again. I felt relive.

Even tho I live close to SF we decided to drive to the city a day before the race and spend there a night.

I could not sleep. On the same night we were changing time and I was so scared that somehow my phone won’t do that automatically and I won’t wake up on time. I woke up in the middle of night checked the time, googled what time we actually have and after confirming is the same I feel asleep again.

On the day of the race I was really nervous. Thank goodness for the portable potties cause I had to pee every 5 min!

I found my pacer and I was waiting to start.

I have to say the run was beautiful, atmosphere, views, people, everything was just perfect. And I felt soo happy! I was running and smiling all the time (well at least at the beginning).

I was afraid that the course will be hilly but I wasn’t too bad. Few hills but nothing that you cannot overcome. First half was really easy and relaxing. The way back wasn’t that easy. The first half I was way ahead of my pacer, on the way back I slowed down and the pacer starting catching up with me. I was fighting, every time she passed me I started running and passed her. We did that few times until I gave up. Last 3-4 miles were the worst. I was fighting with my head a lot!

I remember last mile, when after passing a curve I saw a hill and I said to myself out loud: “Are you fucking kidding me?”. Now when I think about it it’s funny but back then I wasn’t really laughing.

Thankfully the last steps were downhill so I sprinted to the finish line and finished strong with “Happy” song playing from my phone.

After crossing that line I remember I was so confused. I had clogged ears and couldn’t hear properly. I got my medal and my husband started hugging me and congratulating. The first few seconds I didn’t realize it’s over and I DID IT!

I felt so happy, relived, proud and accomplished.

And got free beer! 😉

We got my favorite Indian food on the way back and I spent the rest of the day relaxing.

And of course right after I finished my run I felt so happy I wanted to run more!

The biggest lesson from this half marathon is to relax. Don’t worry about that I will be the slowest, that I would have to walk some parts. It doesn’t matter. All it matters is to enjoy it and have fun while doing it!

Keep your fingers crossed for me on my next run!

💌 P.

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