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Green Juice

This Green Juice was created by cleaning my fridge before going on short vacation 😉 It came out actually really good!

Juicing is great from ‘cleaning’ the fridge before you travel or when you have fruits and/or veggies that need to be used now. It eliminates food waste in your household – good for you, your wallet and the environment.

We supposed to fly to Hawaii that day to celebrate our first anniversary. Unfortunetly, due to tropical storm, we had to cancel our trip du. I won’t lie I was really disappointed. I was so looking forward to that trip! But you can’t win with the nature.

Instead of going to Hawaii we decided to go to a place in which we both haven’t been before – San Diego.

We wanted to visit San Diego since some time and it seemed like a great opportunity to do that now!

As a gift for our first anniversary I got us personalized World Map to pin all our travels together.

But coming back to the juice – what’s inside:

– Cucumber
– Ginger
– Lemon
– Pear
– Celery stalks
– Grapes

I don’t remember the exact amount of each ingredient so you will have to experiment with that 😉 It’s also a personal choice, depending on what you like. I don’t like celery taste too much, that’s why I don’t put too much of it to my juices (2-3 stalks).

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