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Jucing detox

Hi friends!

Since a while now I wanted to go through deep detox to clean my body and mind. I am so happy that finally it will happen!

This Thursday I start juicing detox when I will be strictly on juices for 7 days. I am so excited and a bit anxious I have to admit. I have no idea how my body will react and not eating for 7 days seems to be a challenge as well. But I am committed to it and I will just try to enjoy this process as much as I can.

I am so happy I’m not alone in this! We are a group of 20 people (including my Mom ;)) that will go through this experience together. The plan was to start a bit later and stay on juices for 10 days but because I am going to Mexico on 23rd I have to start earlier than rest of the group. The reason is that I need to have time to let my body leave the detox faze in which I still might feel the detox symptoms. It would suck to be sick during our trip to Mexico so I’ve decided to make some changes and plan it safe.

The whole process is not just the 7 days on juices. I also prepare my body before I start by changing my diet that means no meat, diary, eggs and processed food but more juices, salads and steamed veggies.
During the juicing faze I will on fruit juices and plasma pudding with addition of herbs and herbal teas. And I have lots of them!

Top help my body with detox symptoms I will be using essential oils, warm/cold compresses, enema, warm/cold showers and baths with epsom salts. I already now it will be really hard for me not to take a painkiller. I tend to have really bad headaches and taking a painkiller is my way to fight with it.

After the juicing faze I will be in the exiting faze. I will be continuing taking herbs and slowly introducing food. I’m not sure yet what will be my diet after, I don’t think I will start eating fully raw but I’m sure I want to add more raw food into my diet. For now I think probably raw till dinner but I don’t have any plan. It all depends how will I feel after the whole process and I believe my body will tell me what it wants to eat 🙂

Since I will be traveling it might be harder to go through the exit faze but I’m lucky that we’ve chosen Mexico which has such a huge selection of fresh fruits!

I will be sharing my day to day on IG so if you are interested to see how it goes make sure you follow me 🙂

I am so excited and scared at the same time! I cannot wait to see what will it bring to my body but also to my mind – which this year is on the first place for me. I’m focusing on what’s going on inside, healing the soul and mind and I believe the outside will just follow.

Wish me luck!

💌 P.

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