Lazy long weekend & Raw sandwiches

This long weekend has been so incredibly lazy! I don’t feel guilty at all though, I really needed time like that. Relaxing and doing nothing 😉

How was your long weekend, anything exciting going on or maybe you were relaxing like me? 😉



Cacao Mint Smoothie in bed to start the day right!

Here is the original recipe, however I changed it a bit. Instead of dates I used blue agave and I think I will stick to it moving forward. It makes the smoothie more smooth and taste as good as it taste with dates.

After breakfast it was time to go for a run. I really felt it this morning. Sometimes running feels like an obligation and I hate every minute of it but not today. I was excited to go out there and run! Even though it wasn’t my fastest run I truly enjoyed it!


Lunch was really simple. I felt like I really need something hydrating and this juicy watermelon made a perfect meal!


And after running and lunch is time… for some quality time on couch with my favorite crew 😉


My very first Raw Onion Bread! I made it in dehydrator and it took quiet some time but it was totally worth it!

Craving bread was always the biggest struggle for me in going fully raw. It’s an addiction I cannot fight, yet.

Recipe coming soon! I’m still working on it. I eat it as I wrote this post and I know I should have left dehydrate it for a bit longer.

On this sandwich we have green onion, tomato and the most delicious Raw Vegan Mayo!


Salad with Vegan Caesar Dressing and Raw Sandwich

For salad I used whatever I had available, romaine lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sprouted sunflower seeds and kale crackers.

For sandwich I used dehydrated mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, avocado and raw mayonnaise.

💌 P.

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