Less Waste Make-up Removers

These make-up removers reusable alternative to the wasteful rounds that you throw out one time after use. They’ll also save you money because you don’t need to keep purchasing new cotton balls; you just throw ‘em in the laundry after use.

An average woman uses around 3 cotton rounds a day, that means that one package (containing 100 cotton rounds) lasts around 1 month. That also means that an average woman produces over 1000 wasted cotton rounds a year!

YOU produce over 1000 wasted cotton rounds a year!

Isn’t that crazy?!

Just try to imagine the pile of waste!

There is a really easy way to reduce that way, you just need to make a small change 🙂

You can easily swap the traditional rounds for something reusable. At the end of the day, anything will do the job, even a cut piece of a t-shirt.

But if you want something more stylish you might like those crocheted cotton rounds 😉

They are 100% cotton and handmade! You can not only do something good for the environment but also support small business instead of supporting big corporation that is killing our planet.

The way to use them is the same as we all cotton rounds. Simply add makeup remover and clean your face. If you use really light makeup and no waterproof products you can even try with water only.

Wash them in cold water, ideally on a delicate cycle.

This is just one of the products you can use instead of traditional cotton rounds. There are tons of options online!

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