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Plant Based – where do I start?

So you’ve decided to ditch the greasy pizza and burgers and  and come on the green side, YAY! Congrats! You might ask yourself, I am plant based – where do I start?

It might seem to be impassible right now but you are much stronger than you think. You are capable of so much, you just have to believe in it, believe in yourself. Don’t let your thoughts to sabotage your life.



And the truth is we all in a different place right now. Some of us eat healthier, some of us eat less healthy, but no matter where you are right now, you can succeed and heal your body! It might be hard, it might be easy but it’s worth it. You and your body deserve happy and long life!


Don’t think about it as a diet 


Even though your goal might be to lose weight, don’t stress out too much about that now. Focus on changing your unhealthy habits and creating healthy habits. Diets don’t work, majority of people go back to the starting weight or weight even more! So be smart. You don’t want a temporary solution, you want to change forever. And you want to accomplish your weight goal in a healthy way!


Write down your goals 


Why do you want to change your eating habits? Is it to improve your health, lose weight, be a better athlete? Find a role model, someone who will inspire you when you have a tough moment and remind you about your goal and why you doing this. I personally find running really helpful with sticking to my goals.

You will probably fail. Many times. But that’s ok, we are not perfect. And life it’s not about being perfect, life is a journey, a journey to better self. Try to be better and do better everyday and don’t beat yourself up if you fail sometimes. I’ve read that the most abuse comes from ourselves, everyday we abuse ourselves with thoughts that we are not good enough, we are fat, we are stupid, we are a failure. This self abuse is killing our soul, it’s killing our happiness. Let yourself be happy.

If you are interested in self awareness The Four Agreements is a must read!


Eat Consciously 


Don’t just throw the food in your mouth because you are hungry. Think what do you put in your mouth. Is it good for you? What kind of nutritious will it bring to my body?

I know we all are busy, we have our schedules and sometimes it’s hard to juggle between work and home and it’s getting even harder when you have kids. But we should try to do our best to make time to prepare our food and consume it. We deserve it. Our body deserves it. It’s all about priorities. If it’s important you will find time for it, you will make it work.

Take your time and instead of thinking of cooking like boring choir, try to change your mindset and enjoy it. Change your clothes, wash your face, turn on favorite music and cut your veggies while singing! Think how nutritious you meal will be, how healthy and happy will your family be.


To count or not to count? 

If it comes to counting calories you will meet people telling you, you have to count calories otherwise how can you know how much you eat, others will tell you to don’t bother with counting.

I would say it’s a personal choice. Whatever works for you.

It is much easier on plant based diet not to count calories. If you focus on fresh veggies and fruits

It might be helpful to weight fats and carbs at the beginning to actually know how big a serving is. We tend to eat more than we think. One serving of pasta doesn’t look as big as we think it does. It’s a good start to become more aware of portions.

I do not see a point of weighting and count vegetables and calories.

If you eat unprocessed food, with majority of vegetables and fruits you most likely won’t eat too many calories. Even if you eat that banana or two (it’s funny how people are scared of bananas).

Be mindful and aware of what you eat and how much and you won’t need to count calories.


Plan, plan, plan! 


For me it’s all about planning my meals and meal prep. If I don’t plan I end up eating something I normally shouldn’t.

It is smart to keep only healthy foods in your kitchen, but sometimes it’s just impossible. Maybe our roommate keeps some chips, or our husband keeps some sweets and his favorite pizza. That’s why planning here is key.

I usually plan my meals weekly, do grocery shopping once a week and prepare most of the meals on Sundays.


Focus on small things, you don’t have to change everything at once. Think what will work the best for you and plan how to achieve your goal. Remember: one step at a time.


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