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Pumpkin Rawnola

To all the cereals lovers – I prepared something perfect for you PUMPKIN RAWNOLA!

You might ask what’s rawnola?

Rawnola is a raw vegan version of traditional granola. It’s really easy to make, all natural and full of nutrients!

Why choose this rawnola over traditional granola?

One of the reasons is that this rawnola contains only natural ingredients, no sugar or other unhealthy sweeteners, no artificial flavors and surprising ingredients which you can’t pronounce.

To make our rawnola YOU WILL NEED:
– sprouted oat groats
– dates
– raw cacao nibs* (optional; if you don’t care if it’s raw you can use vegan chocolate chips)
– pumpkin spice

The ratio really depends on your preferences, if you want to have it sweeter add more dates, more chocolaty add more cacao nibs.

Sprout as many oat groats as you want, keep in mind the rawnola doesn’t have any preservatives and it won’t stay fresh for as long as the store ones. You can keep it in a glass jar in the fridge for up to one week.

TO SPROUT oat groats:

1. Rinse them with water.
2.Put the groats in a glass jar covered with cheescloth and place in a cool, dark location.
3. Rinse and drain the oat groats a twice a day with cool, clean water.
4. Once the groats have sprouted, you can move them out of the dark. (it will take around 2 days)
5. Let the groats sprout until the “tails” are about 1/8″.
6. Give the groats one final rinse.
7. Arrange groats on a plate, ideally in a single layer and let them dry.

HOW TO MAKE pumpkin rawnola:

1. In a food processor combine dates, sprouted oat groats, pumpkin spice and process until dates are cut into smaller pieces and start to stick to oats.
2. Add raw cacao nibs and process for few more seconds.
3. Move ready granola to a glass jar.
* You can bake it a oven in a low temperature or dehydrate in 115F for 6h.

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