Raw Vegan Desserts you have to try!

Craving for something sweet? I’ve got you covered! Try those 5 really easy and fully raw vegan desserts!

1. Chocolate Mousse

The recipe requires only few ingredients and a blender. To be honest you can even do it without a blender, just smash everything with a fork and the mix it until smooth.

2. Banana Nice Cream

All you need is frozen banana, coconut/almond milk and blender. If you want it even more sweet you can add one date.

3. Chocolate Cheesecake

I truly love cheesecake… that rich, creamy, tangy filling, the best combination! This cake is sweet and it is so delicious when melt in your mouth real madness for chocolate lovers.

4. Pistachio & Orange Blossom Raw Cake

I am nuts about nuts.

And Pistachios are defiantly are my favorite ones. Once I start eating them I cannot stop.

This cake taste so unique and refreshing. Once you try it you will know what I mean.

5. Nut Cake a’la ‘Snickers’

This cake will stay fresh in your fridge for quite some time. I made is as a part of meal prep for a week, and by the end of the week it still tasted as good as at the beginning.

💌 P.

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