Raw Vegan Sushi

Making a Raw Vegan Sushi can’t get any easier than that.

Recipe for raw sushi used in 7 #RawTuesday.


All you need is :

– cauliflower

– nori sheets

– favorite sushi filling (avocado, sprouts, carrot, cucumber)

– sushi mat (you can get it on amazon, or at your local grocery story like Safeway or Whole Foods)

Let’s start with making the cauliflower rice (if you are really lazy you can even get that already prepared. I don’t like buying it cause of the plastic packaging), all you need is cauliflower and a box grater. Using the biggest teeth of the grater, grate the cauliflower, you can divide your cauliflower into small florets to make it easier.


Cut all the ingredients for the filling, I used cucumber, yellow bell pepper, broccoli sprouts and red cabbage.

On your sushi mat, place one nori sheet and add some rice to cover most of the nori, then add the remaining ingredients and roll it using the mat.

I am not going to talk you trough rolling the sushi because first of all my sushi didn’t come out perfect and second of all I am definitely not a sushi master 😂 If you need help with that I’m sure you can find lots of videos on YouTube.

Add some soy sauce on the side and enjoy this delicious and raw sushi!

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