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Basic recipe of Rawnola – the yummiest cereal substitute ever!

If you tried Pumpkin Rawnola already you know how yummy it is 😉

This is the vert first version of rawnola I’ve made. The only difference between this Rawnola and Pumpkin Rawnola is that this one has no spices.

TO SPROUT oat groats:

1. Rinse them with water.
2. Put the groats in a glass jar covered with cheesecloth and place in a cool, dark place.
3. Rinse and drain the oat groats twice a day with cool, clean water.
4. Once the groats have sprouted, you can move them out of the dark (it will take around 2 days).
5. Give the groats one final rinse.
6. Arrange groats on a plate, ideally in a single layer and let them dry.

HOW TO MAKE pumpkin rawnola:

1. In a food processor combine dates and sprouted oat groats and process until dates are cut into smaller pieces and start to stick to oats.
2. Move ready granola to a glass jar.
* You can bake it in a oven in a low temperature or dehydrate in 115F for 6h.

It taste great with plant milk and fruits!

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