Sunday Farmers’ Market

I love how the farmers markets are overflowing with fresh veggies and fruits right now, and I tend to always get more veggies than I can consume in a day or two, then scramble to cook everything while it’s still fresh.

Farmers Market on Sunday it’s already a tradition. I am always looking forward to visit our local Farmers Market. I absolutely love that vibe, the smell of freshly made bread, listen to live music, look at so colorful veggies, fruits and flowers – all senses working!

You can try samples of fruits but not only, these dips were delicious!

Couldn’t help myself and I had to get Acai smoothie for breakfast. Since Hawaii, I am obsessed with Acai bowls, smoothies you name it.

For me it’s the best way to spend Sunday morning, it’s not only about shopping it’s so much more!

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