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Tuscany Salad

For this week’s #RawTuesday lunch I made this nutritious bowl of salad.

As a dressing I used a leftover sauce from Sun Dried Zucchini Pasta – not wasting anything 😉 It’s really easy and quick to make, and you will need only two ingredients – sunflower milk (which is blended sunflower seeds and water) and sun dried tomatoes. If you are not sure how to make it, you can find it in the Sun Dried Zucchini Pasta recipe.

In the bowl we have:
– mixed greens
– avocado
– cherry tomato
– carrot
– red onion
– sun-dried tomato sauce

You can use any veggies you wish, if you don’t like some of the ones I used feel free to substitute it. Don’t skip the sauce tho, it’s yummy! 😉

If you try this recipe, let me know! Take a picture and tag it #theblissfulplate on Instagram!

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