#2 Day with Veestro

Welcome to my journey with Veestro – Vegan & Plant Based Meal Delivery Service. Let’s take a look at the dishes they have and find out how they taste!

On today’s plate we have: Breakfast Burrito, Black Bean Pasta Alfredo, Chick’n Quesadilla.

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Breakfast Burrito

Ingredients: Potatoes*, roma tomatoes*, whole wheat tortilla*, firm tofu*, black beans*, onions*, tamari*, cilantro*, lemon juice*, mitin, salt, garlic*, sesame oil*, ginger*, olive oil*, paprika*, black pepper*, chili pepper*, oregano*, cayenne pepper.

Red Sauce: Whole peeled tomatoes*, red bell pepper, onion*, water, tomato puree*, olive oil, jalapeno pepper, garlic, salt, cumin, black pepper.

*Organic Ingredients

Prep Time:
Oven – 20-23 minutes
Microwave – 3-5 minutes

Calories: 390

It’s hard to say anything about that burrito cause to be honest it tasted like nothing, the filling had to taste whatsoever. Maybe that’s why I felt like those potatoes were so perfect. I will not order it again, it was eatable but not enjoyable.

Rating: 2/5

Black Bean Pasta Alfredo

Ingredients: Black bean pasta*, asparagus*, summer squash*, zucchini*, red peppers.

Alfredo sauce: rice milk*, vegetable broth*, vegan butter, garlic*, bay leaf*, nutmeg, salt, black pepper*

*Organic Ingredients

Prep Time:
Stovetop – 10-12 minutes
Microwave – 3-4 minutes
Sauce – 2-3 minutes

Calories: 270 + sauce 180

The portion is not too big, but it will not left you hungry. I found it as a perfect size meal for lunch. Pasta is really good, taste just like regular pasta. The Alfredo sauce is great! It’s creamy and ‘cheesy’ and so light. Usually all the Alfredo sauces are really heavy but not this one!

Rating: 4/5

Chick’n Quesadilla

Ingredients: Vegan Chick’n, whole wheat tortilla, yellow squash, zucchini squash, black beans, vegan cheese

Prep Time:
Oven – 10-12 minutes

Calories: 380

Look at that cheese! It melts perfectly! The ‘chicken’ inside the quesadilla taste really good. It’s one of my favorite dishes to kill cravings.

Rating: 5/5

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