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Were caveman carnivores?

If you are plant based, vegan, fruitarian, or on any other diet that excludes meat, you probably heard the carnivore story. So let’s answer the question were caveman carnivores?

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Well first of all, they didn’t eat as much meat as we think they did. For many years meat was only accessible for rich people and major part of society couldn’t afford to buy meat. People eat it to help them put on body fat so they could withstand hunger. With food so scarce and labor so common, obesity wasn’t a problem. Nowadays we don’t move as much, most of us sits for most of the day, add to it easy accessible and processed food and you have obesity guaranteed.


If you look at anatomy of humans and other animals we are much more related to chimps than cats. And as we all know chimps eat plants. It’s common misconception that humans are carnivores. Feel your teeth, look at your hands. Are you able to chase down an animal and rip its hide off with your bare hands and teeth? I don’t think so. We are omnivores. Our anatomical adaptation has allowed us to survive harsh situations by being able to eat anything. It doesn’t mean that what we eat is the best for us.

Prehistoric man was an obligate consumer. He ate what was available because otherwise he would starve.

Carnivores have large, sharp teeth. Their jaws are hinged, with no side-to-side motion. Their jaws are made for clasping and shearing, not for grinding and chewing. A carnivore has acidic saliva and acidic urine, to deal with high acid intake of meat.

Carnivores have very short intestinal tracts. They move food through in under four hours as opposed to us our eighteen hours or more. A true carnivore can live on meat alone, we cannot.

We have small mouths, grinding teeth, and long intestinal tracts. We produce amylase in our saliva to break down starch.

You can see the difference.

Next time if someone brings up that pro meat consumption argument you will know what to say!


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