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The theory behind Raw Food

Have you ever realized humans are the only animals that are eating cooked food? The theory behind Raw Food is really simply and when you think about it deeply it really does make sense.

A raw food diet is one that consists on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, root vegetables and squashes, fresh herbs, spices, fermented foods, and seaweed. These food are never heated beyond 115F/42C* – many people are referring to this as eating only ‘living foods”.

*The maximum temperature varies among the different forms of the diet, from 92ºF to 118ºF (33C to 48c).


Living foods, doesn’t this sounds lovely?


Why is the temperature important?

When food is heated above 115F, its nutrient density begins to become comprised and degraded. This method of preparing food keeps all the enzymes and important nutrients in the food we eat.

Enzymes naturally exist in body, but they are partly eliminated during high-temperature cooking. They assist the digestive process and contribute to the healthy gastrointestinal flora.

Why going raw?

No more food come!
Raw food is easy designable and instead of consuming your energy it will give you energy.

To organic or not to organic ?

If you can choose organic. Organic produce contain more nutrients and less toxins.

Do I need to be 100% raw to see the benefits?

The answer is no. You can see a significant difference in your health just by changing some of your eating habits. What works the best for me is a 80/20 diet, where 80% of my meals are raw and 20% are cooked. It keeps my life in a perfect balance. It might work for you, it might not. You need to experiment and see what’s works for you.

Even though there are different raw food diets out there, I focus mainly on Raw Vegan. Some of raw diets allow meats and dairy, I don’t consume any animal products that’s why I will not talk about eating raw animal products.

It will heal you

There is thousands of people that improved their health and stopped medicating themselves with raw food diet. Your hair, skin and nails will look much better. You won’t get flu every season. You will feel more energized. It will clear you mind. You will feel calmer and more connected. Raw food will heal your mind, soul and body.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

How to start?

It might seem to be overwhelming right now, but don’t worry it’s not that hard if you do it right. Few things to keep in mind:

1. take one step at the time – you will not change everything overnight. It will take time and you have to give yourself enough time to adjust to all those changes.

2. don’t beat yourself up – wanting to change is a first step. If you happen to take a detour and eat something you not supposed to it’s ok. The more time you spend on eating healthy and changing your habits to less cravings you will have. You will notice how you feel after those craved foods and believe me you won’t like it.

3. make a plan – plan your meals and try to stick to them, but if you happen to eat something that wasn’t planned once in a while it’s ok. I think it never happen that I actually sticked to my meal plan in 100%.

4. eat when you hungry – don’t worry about calories, macros and all that. Eat whenever you feel hungry. Have some fresh fruits and other healthy snacks in your pantry. I love snacking on dates, fresh fruits and raw crackers (you can buy them online , in a local grocery store or make them yourself).

5. find inspiration – in books, social media (instagram, YouTube, blogs), friends and family

6. have fun – with experimenting with new recipes, new tastes, and new food.

There is much more to it, but I think for a beginner those tips are good to start with.

8 week detox meal plan is coming soon! It will help you to transition to 80/20 Raw Vegan.

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